This is our project page.

Here is a short list of Influencers, Brands, Personalities we have worked with for the past 10 years:


  • @Danniwashington Danni WASHINGTON

  • @ownbyfemme  René DANIELLA

  • onegirloneword Francesca MURRAY

  • @sassfwi  Raissa

  • @GSL257 Gilles SAINT LOUIS

  • @phiacka (Germany Based)

  • @luisalion (Germany Based)


  • Mc Donalds

  • Air Caraibes

  • Orange

  • Nicolas Feuillate

  • Mercedes

  • BMW

  • Moet & Chandon

  • Deutz

  • Essence Magazine

  • Galleries Lafayette



  • Fashion Music Show in Paris

  • Caribbean One Festival

  • Indies Live Music Awards

  • Baccha Festival

  • This is Martinique

For any collab or request feel free to contact us!

Mjunik Girls 2016 : Press Trip to St Lucia

This group of famous German influencers were part of a Tv Reality show produced by the National Channel RTL. We took care of the whole press trip for one week, making sure the content created were broadcasting the Caribbean Culture and Gems.


Mercedes Benz Conference

August 2017, we hosted a regional conference at MERCEDES, for media & digital agencies to create awareness around influencers marketing. Our panel was composed with influencers from different background and KOL.


René Daniella & Danni Washington

Through the years we have worked on different collaborations with the US famous influencers @ownbyfemme & @DanniWashington.


This is Martinique 

We co produced a Show called This is Martinique for the tourism board's national campaign. We invited French personalities for a press trip on the island to experience the culture.

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Baccha Festival

From 2015 to 2019 (before COVID), Baccha Festival is THE go to even in the French Caribbean Island with 20k attendees per day. We landed most of the brand deals on this event. From influencers campaigns to brand activations on site.


Fashion Music Show in Paris 


Fashion Week has always been the place to be. With our partners, we invited young black creators from the US on a custom made catwalk to showcase their talent to KOL from the Parisian fashion industry.